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Videos and streaming download Mobdro for Smart TV

It's Saturday, June 6, 2015. The sun shines in much of the world so strongly that it makes this Saturday a great day. One day of those Champions League finals, a day to spend with the best company. A day to give the utmost envy to the poor bastards who have to work. It's happened to all of us once. Whether you have the typical birthday that you can't miss, or any of the many other injustices of life that make you not have a great TV to watch the most important game of the year... Don't be afraid. PimPamPhone comes to the rescue to bring you MOBDRO, the best app you can find to watch TV on your Android mobile, and by extension, to watch the final.

How easy everything would be if the good services weren't so hidden. It is also true that they would lose some grace, because no one is going to take away the feeling of absolute happiness that you will have when you finish reading this article. You're about to discover one of those apps that make the green android operating system great. One of those apps for which it is worth having Google actions, taking your flag to every corner, and being a staunch defender of your cause. Android as a way of life, as a way to enjoy the little things without worries. As the possibility to see a Champions final when the only tool you have is your Android phone. Thanks to MOBDRO (and us, of course) you won't miss a single game again, not a single episode of your favorite series, or any of the thousands of other broadcasts from all over the world.

First of all, you should know that MOBDRO is not available for download from Google Play. Of course, half the planet is not interested in its diffusion, even though the other medium is interested and much. Let's say they would have some almost unimportant legal problem for spreading audiovisual content without rights... But we're not going to say anything. And if anyone asks you, of course you don't know us. The use of this tool is at your own risk. That said, let's go to the mess.

Mobdro instalar is an application that will allow you to watch all the TV channels of the world. Just look for the channel, and hit the play. In addition, the whole application has a very careful design, boasting an interface that many great applications would already want. Its range of colors, pulling with reddish, make everything you see present a great balance, sobriety and fashion. At the top you have a scroll bar with the main themes of the channels. The central area is reserved so you can add your favorite channels, and at the bottom you'll see your recent views. A magnifying glass at the top will serve as a search engine, and clicking on the name of the application appears a drop-down menu with the main options.

The good thing about MOBDRO, besides the obvious, is that you won't see a single ad within the app itself. Nowhere. All clean and willing to be used. A very much point in your favor, since most such apps look like an advertisement in themselves. The options are endless, but the best are reserved for Premium customers. These lucky ones will be able to send the contents to a real TV thanks to their chromecast support (blessed invention), will be able to download any type of content for later offline viewing, and will be able to configure the night mode (the application will close itself at the time you tell it. Come on, almost like your mother.) All of these extra features are available under an annual subscription that costs 2.99 euros. I'm honestly thinking about it very seriously.

You'll thank me, there's no hurry. For now, I leave you the link for download (remember that you have to enable the feature in order to install applications from unknown sources. Go to settings > security > unknown origins), and be clear that whoever wins the final... We've already won.

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  • Jun 27 2020
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