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For a global FB fan page e.g. hugo boss, is it possible for Quintly to single out the fans from a specific country say Hong Kong and study their analytics? Thanks

There are many FB fan pages dont have country specific version…

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  • Jun 4 2017
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  • Jun 12, 2017

    Admin Response

    Hi, thanks a lot for your question. Even if a Facebook Page is not using the Global Page construct, where the overall brand is spread across multiple Sub-Pages e.g. split by country or language, there is a way to look into the country split of Fans.

    In our tool we offer a metric called "Fans By Country Table" located at showing exactly this information. On top of this we are able to even show this information over time which needs to be set up as a custom metric. A sample QQL query showing how each country develops over time for a specific Facebook Page is:

    SELECT countryName AS dim1, time AS dim2, SUM(fans) FROM facebookFansByCountry GROUP BY countryCode, time

    You can easily test this yourself by starting on our QQL Console at, choosing "Line Chart" as a visualization type, and then copying the above query into the black query input box, followed by hitting "Run QQL". Next you can easily save this metric with "Save as..." and use it like any other metric on your dashboards. Please let us know via if you need further assistance with custom metric creation, our team is always around and happy to help.

    Important to note is, this is only about the Fan number per country and how it develops over time, it does not cover further analytics about these Fans from a specific country, like demographics. There is actually no way to gain further insights about Fans of a specific country other than having private Insights access to a Facebook Page.

    I hope this answers your question. If there are any parts you think that still require a new feature please just let us know and we'll look into this as well.

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