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Graphic Charts with Combined Data

Good day,

i d like to know if is it possible to create a Stucked Column Graphic Chart  for showing, for instance, Community Fan Growth per social platform and showing the Follower Change rate per month as a line running through the columns with %label. Herein  Attached an example ( but without segmentation for each channel)

  • May 15 2017
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  • May 23, 2017

    Admin Response

    Hi Elena, thanks a lot for your input. Though we are not able to mix different chart types yet in a single metric (e.g. bar and line chart in your example), we are able to already do multi axes charts with a single chart type (e.g. line chart) which will definitely help you here already. You can even use more than 2 axes if helpful.

    The following screenshot shows an example for this putting Likes on the first axis, and Comments and Shares (usually a lot lower) onto a second axis.


    The related metric config which can be copied into our QQL Console for this metric is:

    "config": {
    "qqlQuery": "SELECT \n\t\"Reactions\" AS dim1, \n\ttime AS dim2, \n\t(SUM(ownPostsLikes)+SUM(ownPostsLove)+SUM(ownPostsWow)+SUM(ownPostsHaha)+SUM(ownPostsSad)+SUM(ownPostsAngry)) \nFROM \n\tfacebook \nGROUP BY \n\tdim2 \nUNION \nSELECT \n\t\"Comments\" AS dim1, \n\ttime AS dim2 , \n\tSUM(ownPostsComments) \nFROM\n\tfacebook\nGROUP BY \n\tdim2 \nUNION\nSELECT\n\t\"Shares\" AS dim1,\n\ttime AS dim2,\n\tSUM(ownPostsShares)\nFROM\n\tfacebook \nGROUP BY \n\tdim2",
    "metaData": {
    "dim1": {
    "axes": [{
    "labels": ["Likes"]
    }, {
    "labels": ["Comments", "Shares"]

    If you need any help with this, please let our support know at or even faster within live chat in our tool. We have experts able to help with custom metric creation and support you learning it yourself.

    We'll definitely keep this ticket here for multi chart type combinations as a new feature (e.g. combing line and bar chart together).

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  • ELENA OSTANI commented
    23 May, 2017 12:42pm

    Thank you for the support, the codes alongwith and the premises for further implements! good job! have a great day Elena