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Add flexibility to height of tiles

when a user is tracking one account, the white space is pretty big, and it would be easier to read all of the platforms if they were not as tall

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  • Mar 15 2017
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  • Mar 27, 2017

    Admin Response

    Hi Jeri, thanks for your input! We definitely see the problem of too much white-space in case of single profile analysis for metrics mainly built to be used in a group context. Beside this specific case, one can say this issue can occur in various different cases where the data set is not 100% suitable for the visualization (a table with one row per profile in this specific case, but only a single profile selected). We are looking into this as part of a bigger overhaul of how dashboards and the underlying grid system will look like in the future. Though we haven't taken any decisions yet. Our current approach does not allow quick adjustments here as the grid system defines the height, and because of the multi-column functionality there is not a lot of flexibility in terms for the height as the grid system relies on having a fixed height per "row". We are happy to keep you updated here once we make further progress.

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